1. I agree with you Umesh 🙂 I have felt such a pang of pain when I revisited Manali, Shimla and other places . The old charm seemed lost really .

  1. VERY nice account of a trip to a Very Nice place. BEAUTIFUL photographs, and I particularly liked the one of the Two little Girls. So Sweet!

    Thank You for sharing, my Dear Umesh! You let Us take Virtual trips with You!

    Hearty Regards. 🙂


      1. Thank You, my Dear Mahesh!

        Your travel accounts are excellent, of course, but why don’t You write on some other subjects are well? Like Social Issues! 🙂 Regards. 🙂

  2. Such nice photos and so heartwarming a description umeshji. I enjoyed this virtual travel with you. Look forward to reading more !! Two days is too short – you must go for a longer trip soon.


  3. Kashmir is one amazing place, the beauty it exudes is beyond words!!! It makes me feel sad that it is mostly in limelight for all the wrong reasons and people are generally scared to visit Kashmir.


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    Travelling in Kashmir is truly an experience of lifetime for a tourist. Yet, the added advantage of such excursions is the value that is attached with travel writing. You get unlimited pleasure while recollecting the details of such excursions. Thanks for sharing!


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