Kashmir: Sonemarg Trip

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Any destination in Kashmir is appropriate for spending few days of an extended weekend in summers. Mark my words, but my family and close friends do not think so. With limited sources of information their perception has overridden their logical analysis and mere mention of Kashmir gives them jitters. This was my second trip to the state and I assure you that natural views of Kashmir are still a treat to the bland eyes sore with the usual sights of concrete jungles of the city.


Welcoming Rains

After some random planning we set off from Delhi for Udhampur by train and by noon we were there the next day. Udhampur is a large town established by Raja Udham Singh and is now the headquarters of Northern Command of the Indian Army. It is basically used as a transit point between Jammu & Srinagar. It was hot when we reached but the weather turned pleasant as evening set in. As a matter of principle we avoided camera clicks there.


A Kashmiri girl welcomes us!!!

Next day, we started off for Srinagar via NH1 in our SUV. To our surprise the entire road was a beautiful four lane highway and the rains added to the beauty of the trip. It took eight hours to reach Srinagar including brief halts at Banihal & Anantnag. The highway is dotted with small roadside food joints which serve fresh vegetable pakodas [an Indian snack]. On the way one can admire the beauty of mountains, small rivers and streams and the bright sunshine. Just as we crossed the 3 kms long Jawahar tunnel we reached Srinagar.

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Views enroute Srinagar

At Srinagar, we stayed and enjoyed the hospitalities of the historical hotel Lalit. This 100 years old hotel was built by Raja Pratap Singh. The Chinar tree in the courtyard is said to be the meeting point of Mahatma Gandhi and Raja Hari Singh.

The following day was spent exploring the dimensions of Dal lake. We took a shikara [a small wooden boat which is a cultural symbol of Kashmir that can accommodate 6 persons]. Although the boatmen charge around Rs. 500 per person for one and a half hour ride but we had our rates settled for Rs. 2500 for the whole boat.


Dal Lake

Shikara ride was an experience of a kind. Our boatman, Shabbir was an enthusiastic person and much like a true escort he showed us the families living on the houseboats, small commercial boats that sell artifacts, daily use items, kahwah [a traditional green tea used in Afghanistan & Kashmir], ice creams and desserts. He also took us to the backwaters of the Lake too.

The evening was spent doing some real and some virtual shopping at Lal Chowk. Dinner [wazwan or multi course kashmiri meal] was an exquisite Kashmiri delight of Gushtaba [traditional kashmiri dish of minced meat balls of mutton prepared in curd], rista [meat balls again but lot softer].

Next morning we had a small excursion to Sonemarg [literal meaning: meadows of gold]. About 90 Kms from Srinagar on Kargil – Leh highway it took us about 3 hours to reach there. The road is 2 lane and with some rough patches but the sight alongside is heavenly. Snow capped mountains, river Nallah Sindh and the chinar trees add up to serenity of the route all along.

K (11)

The weather was cold in the alpine valleys of Sonemarg. One can have beautiful views of Himalayan glaciers flowing into the valley and the mesmerizing and mighty peaks of Sirbal, Machoi and Kalhoi peaks. We had dinner at Sindh view restaurant and in the breakfast we enjoyed the stuff at local bakeries that included nan khatai too.

After spending two days in Kashmir we headed back to Delhi.









      1. I agree with you Umesh πŸ™‚ I have felt such a pang of pain when I revisited Manali, Shimla and other places . The old charm seemed lost really .

  1. VERY nice account of a trip to a Very Nice place. BEAUTIFUL photographs, and I particularly liked the one of the Two little Girls. So Sweet!

    Thank You for sharing, my Dear Umesh! You let Us take Virtual trips with You!

    Hearty Regards. πŸ™‚


      1. Thank You, my Dear Mahesh!

        Your travel accounts are excellent, of course, but why don’t You write on some other subjects are well? Like Social Issues! πŸ™‚ Regards. πŸ™‚

  2. Such nice photos and so heartwarming a description umeshji. I enjoyed this virtual travel with you. Look forward to reading more !! Two days is too short – you must go for a longer trip soon.


  3. Kashmir is one amazing place, the beauty it exudes is beyond words!!! It makes me feel sad that it is mostly in limelight for all the wrong reasons and people are generally scared to visit Kashmir.


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    Travelling in Kashmir is truly an experience of lifetime for a tourist. Yet, the added advantage of such excursions is the value that is attached with travel writing. You get unlimited pleasure while recollecting the details of such excursions. Thanks for sharing!


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