How to plan for a bike ride?

Preparing for a road trip on a bike, here are some of the points that might be helpful for you:

  1. Mentally prepare yourself. Be positive and think only about the beautiful sights that you will see enroute. Never worry about the obstacles, deadly roads, the harsh weather/ terrains that will come on the way. Why open a parachute before you fly. Think about the experience you will have…. Just Think!
  2. Analyze your physical strength. Don’t do it if you have a recurring back ache or any problem that can hamper your journey.
  3. Plan your route before hand. Do not rely on trip advising sites, instead, read blogs and experiences of travelers to the same destination. Find the conditions of the roads, accommodation, weather, things to see etc. Rely more on videos and images of the places.
  4. Plan your trip so that it is not painful. Disperse your time schedule so that you don’t start taking the trip as punishment.
  5. Enjoy the route. Stop now and then for refreshment and always be in search of beautiful surroundings on the way which you can capture as a video clip or a click.
  6. Get your bike serviced a day before so that you have ample time to check its running. Ensure that you keep all the documents of the vehicle with you. Double check your lights, indicators etc. Ensure that your bike has both the rear view mirrors.
  7. Travel light. Pack your luggage judiciously. You should always keep ample number of undergarments. Carry a raincoat, spare socks, `relief sprays, toiletries etc. Strap your bag nicely to your bike with the help of rubber slings available in the market. Make sure your bag is water proof, if not cover it with polythene sheet. Don’t forget to keep a towel handy so that you can cover your seat. Normal bike seat covers of Rexene produce heat, especially in long rides.
  8. Carry your identification related documents other than Driving License.
  9. Carry cash, plastic money [debit, credit cards etc.]. Also carry a single unsigned blank cheque for extreme emergency if you are travelling to a remote area.
  10. Wear a good quality helmet that grips your head nicely. Ensure that your visor glass is scratch less. If not get it new. Wear knee caps too if you can. Wear gloves so that your knuckles are well protected from harsh weather conditions.
  11. The clothing that you wear while riding should be comfortable. No tight clothes and cover your body well. Avoid shorts, T shirts etc. Wear a wind cheater.
  12. Avoid too much of snacking. Eat quality food on the way. Rest in the nights in good hotels/ motels. Best part of the bike ride is that you can get good hotels at cheaper price a little farther away from the main settlements.
  13. Always believe in the age old saying –“Well Begun is half done”. Start off…! The journey will take you places. Don’t believe those who never did it because they always feared it and yes!! Age is no barrier. Remember, bike trip will always be memorable. So get up and get going.