SUNRISE: A Daily Spectacle

aSun rises from the East…… A very usual and natural reasoning but it gives apparently a wrong notion that the sun is moving while our earth is stationary. The fact is totally the opposite but then who cares about the science when you are witnessing the majesty of the morning sun in it’s bright golden glory breaching all the obstacles of darkness of the night.


Sometimes you often ponder how weak and frail is the darkness as it is literally knocked out by the initial first few rays of the sun. Sunrise is that initial moment when the sun just appears on the horizon. Suddenly the whole sky is full of hues of red, orange and yellow. No blue or green thanks to their short wavelengths as their absence fill up the eyes of the beholder with delight and appreciation.

c.JPGSunrise is the phenomenon that fascinates everyone no matter what the backdrop is. There must be millions of zero points, sunrise points or they may go by any other name that promises a good view of the moment. They are spread across the mountains, desert stretches, plain fields, sea beaches, islands and forests.

d1.jpgAdmiration is maximum for the sunrise on the hills, just because of clarity and may be because right from pre primary classes we are used to drawing the sun rising between two mountains. For a philosopher it is a symbol of a new beginning that reoccurs every 24 hours giving one a chance to initiate anything afresh. For an artist, a nature lover and a lens man it is a spectacular view. For a commoner it is an imposing act of authority of the Lord Almighty.

d.JPGFor me it is a new day and I pray the lord Almighty to give strength and longevity to the eyes of all my friends, including myself too, so that we all may see this manifestation for as long as we live !!!!d2



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